Stanley R. Abbott, CEO & Founder

Mr. Abbott has a demonstrated a track record of identifying and capitalizing on underserved markets and future trends. Over the past twenty years, he has launched a number of successful private companies overseeing everything from business strategy to product design and development, Marketing programs as well as sales systems and protocols.

From 1998 to 2008 he was President of House of Kul, a design and build firm that was a key team member in the redevelopment and design of several historic icons in downtown Dallas  prior to developing the business plan for and founding Greenleaf Industries, Inc., Mr. Abbott was president of a leading cosmeceuticals skin care company with a focus on China and Southeast Asia’s vast and emerging consumer-driven markets. Mr Abbott’s latest design and development project was the concept, design and build of an independent  237 room  art centric hotel in downtown Dallas, the Lorenzo Hotel.The hotel opened in feb of 2017 to much fanfare and has since become a Dallas Favorite.

Mr Abbott is an artist and scuplture with large scale public works as well as gallery shows and digital art  pieces attributed to his name.

Mr. Abbott is a proud father to an energetic and handsome 2 year old Boy.




 LaRue Thornton, Chief Legal Officer 

LaRue Thornton is an accomplished legal counsel and trusted business advisor to senior management on operations, regulatory compliance, marketing, intellectual property, information systems, risk mitigation, business development, and litigation issues in highly regulated companies. In addition, she has extensive expertise in advising and assisting start-up entities on all aspects of the business.

Ms. Thornton’s strength is in developing innovative and strategic solutions that maximize outcomes and enable her client companies to navigate competitive business environments. Ms. Thornton was previously senior in-house counsel for Blockbuster and senior in-house counsel for 7-Eleven overseeing legal matters in the U.S. and globally for both corporations.

Ms. Thornton received a Juris Doctorate from the University of Virginia School of Law and a bachelor’s degree from the University of Colorado Business School.


Dan Rodgers,  Director 

Named one of the 20 most influential people in the cannabis industry by the International Business Times in 2015, Dan entered the regulated cannabis industry in early 2009 and co-founded Greenwerkz in Denver, Colorado. Greenwerkz was one of the first fully licensed businesses in the state operating 2 cultivation facilities and 3 retail dispensaries. During this time, Dan served as the company’s managing member and the company sold in 2015.

In 2014, Dan was named to board of directors for Grow Condos, Inc., a public entity providing real estate solutions to cannabis operators as well as board member for CannaSys, Inc. a technology company focused on this new, emerging industry. In 2010, Dan and 12 other licensed cannabis business owners formed the Medical Marijuana Industry Group (MIG) with Dan serving as board member as well as chairman of the Banking subcommittee.

After Dan sold Greenwerkz, he later served as interim CFO to RiverRock Colorado and managed their ownership restructuring process. At that time, RiverRock was one of the largest cultivation operations in Colorado at approximately 50,000 sq.ft. From 2016 – 2017, Dan was the General Manager for CHT Medical, one of the original 5 state medical cannabis licenses in Florida. During his time at CHT Medical, Dan oversaw the cultivation and extraction facility build-out as well as managed the process
to obtain the State’s approval to cultivate, process and dispense to Florida patients. The company invested approximately $6 million and sold to Aphria, a Canadian pubco, for $39 million in 2017.

Matt Ruibal,  Director 

A Colorado native, grew up in Laramie Wyoming and moved to Texas in the 6th grade where he starting helping in the family plant business at age 11. Currently running the grow operations for Ruibals Plants of Texas  where  he grows  and produces 20 million flowering ornamentals and perennials annually.




Scott Hershberger – Extraction and Process Advisor 

Scott came to Colorado in 2008 in the pursuit of the culinary arts but quickly realized that this was not the professional path for him. Transferring to the University of Colorado Denver, he began pursuing a scientific career in chemistry. During this time, he led a couple of cannabis-based consulting projects to make various infused products. While working on these projects, he was recruited by Canyon Cultivation to be their Director of Production and Development from 2010-2016. He helped build the company to the staple it is now in Colorado with an emphasis on the products being organic, vegan and non-GMO.

During that time, he also worked with Hempson Biotech International on their product development and the processing needs for their 2000 hectares of hemp in the Yunnan province, China. He also spent 10 days in Yunnan directly advising the managing partners and the local government on what would be necessary for their CO₂ CBD extraction facility.

From Canyon Cultivation he moved to Isolate Extraction Systems where he served as Director of Research and Development from 2016-2019. During this time, he was integral in refining the design and efficiency of the equipment as well as optimizing process conditions for countless botanicals and leading their client education department.

In early 2019, he decided to start his consulting business with a focus on cannabis, hemp, nutraceutical and essential oil production. Since then he has continued to assist multiple cannabis and hemp companies with their operations.

Ralph T. Salvagno, MD.  Medical Advisor 

A Bachelor of Science Honors graduate of the University of Maryland, Dr. Salvagno received his M.D. degree from the University of Maryland Medical School and completed an Orthopaedic Surgery residency at Case Western Reserve University/ University Hospitals of Cleveland. Since 1987 he was in private practice and was the founding partner and president of the Center for Joint Surgery and Sports Medicine in Hagerstown, Md.

Dr. Salvagno currently serves as Chief of Staff at Meritus Medical Center in Hagerstown, Md and is a member of the Board of Directors of the hospital. He has previously served on the Board of the Washington County Arthritis Foundation and served for 10 years on the Board of Meritus Enterprises, the for-profit arm of Meritus Medical Center.

Dr. Salvagno is Chief Medical Officer of InnoVision Ventures , former Chairman of the Board and CEO of a small OTC:QB. Company and Mayor of his hometown of Hancock, Md.He is Board Certified in Orthopaedic Surgery ,a fellow of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons and a member of the AMA. He is a certified provider by the Maryland Medical Marijuana Commission. He is the owner of Ice Hollow Farms, LLC in Hancock Maryland , a licensed hemp cultivator in Maryland. Dr. Salvagno is a member of the Maryland Farm Bureau, the National Hemp Association and the Society of Cannabis Clinicians

  Sasha Alex Ceruti   Cultivation and Genetics Advisor 

is a 10-year cannabis industry professional who has 25 years of experience in agriculture and who currently operates Creative Canna Consulting and Phyto Consulting as the companies’ CEO and industry expert. Alex promotes and educates the community in cannabis medicine and alternative healing while operating cultivation properties in the South of Spain and distribution operations in the state of Florida.

Alex partners with companies such as CW Hemp Charlotte’s Web, Stanley Bros Cannabis, Bhang Chocolate, The Hemp Exchange and Dutch Passion Cannabis Breeding, just to name a few, and is held in high regard for his work ethic, industry knowledge, and his ability to scale up production through genetic selection, standard operating procedure implementation, and his hands on approach to his business. Alex’ current partnership with The Stanley Bros Cannabis Company includes a license application to cultivate in Spain.

Alex is a devoted father of twins who cherishes his family time and seeks to create a healthier future for his children and for the community at large.

Dr. Mohyddin Mirza Ph.D., P.Ag., Chief Science Advisor

Dr. Mirza brings over four decades of experience and industry knowledge to Greenleaf Industries. Dr. Mirza holds a Ph.D. from the University of Alberta and served as an adjunct professor at his alma mater. Since his retirement from public service Dr. Mirza was inducted into the Alberta Agriculture Hall of Fame and subsequently, the Alberta Greenhouse Growers Association created the Dr. Mohyuddin Mirza Educational and Scholarship Foundation.

Dr. Mirza has consulted with government agencies, global banks, private corporations and internationally recognized organizations like the United Nations. Dr. Mirza brings his vast knowledge of greenhouse technologies, infrastructure, feasibility, research, and development, and will apply his “expertise” in furthering Greenleaf’s corporate vision.




Guy Mezger, Ph.D., HHP, Advisor of Sports Medicine and Formulations 

Guy is a certified health practitioner with a Ph.D. in Holistic Health. He is the naturopath and integrated medical specialist for Optimal Health Specialists, a team of wellness doctors established in 2012. Guy is also the head medical/nutritional researcher for CognaLife, a neurological and metabolic company. In addition to his school studies, he has been working and training with renowned physicians such as Dr. John Fitzgerald for Naturopathic blood analysis and supplementation, Dr. Peter Goldman for holistic physical therapy and Dr. Kevin Shelton MD for bio-identical hormone balancing.

Guy has been working in the fields of health, fitness, physical performance and martial arts for 25 years. He has worked with children, adults, athletes (both professional and amateur), civil and federal law enforcement agencies along with various Special Forces units of the United States military. Before taking on the role of a full-time health practitioner and instructor, Guy was a professional combat athlete winning 5 world titles in 4 separate full contact sports. He is most recognized for his accomplishments in Mixed Martial Arts winning both the UFC and King of Pancrase Titles.



Bruce Harmon,  Financial Advisor 

Bruce Harmon is a business and financial professional with approximately 40 years’ experience.  Mr. Harmon has worked as CFO, CEO, director, chairman and audit chairman of several private and public companies.  Mr. Harmon’s consulting firm, Lakeport Business Services, Inc., has worked with more than 100 public companies and has been instrumental in taking 15+ companies public through IPO (NASDAQ), reverse mergers and S-1 filings.  At the invitation of the United Nations Environmental Programmé, Mr. Harmon and two others presented to 84 delegates at the United Nations.  Mr. Harmon has a BS degree in accounting from Missouri State University.