Texas Grow Operations

Texas Hemp farming Begins in 2020

With Texas law firmly establishing industrial hemp as a legal cash crop and CBD becoming legal for sale in Texas, the stage is set for Texas farmers to enter the Hemp revolution, and Greenleaf Industries to capitalize on what will be a multi-billion dollar industry in the coming years. Greenleaf Industries is committed to a large scale organic commercial grow operation, industrial extraction and manufacturing services to process and produce our branded products. Greenleaf will offer premium extraction and processing services to Texas farmers as the industry matures over the next few years.

Texas Proposed Grow Timeline

  • Summer 2019 complete land lease agreements
  • Fall 2019 test soil for nutrients
  • Fall 2019 turn soil in fields
  • Jan 2020 acquire state grow licenses
  • March 2020 row mulch beds and irrigation lines
  • April 2020 prepare clones
  • May-June 2020 first planting
  • Aug 2020 Harvest First crop
  • Aug – Sept 2020 Begin to process dried crops
  • Aug – Sept 2020 plant second crop

Greenleaf is in the process of securing lease rights on 250 plus acres of virgin pasture and is negotiating options on another 700 acres of growable land in east and central Texas suitable for organic cultivation.