A Brand For Everyone!

Greenleaf Industries is synonymous with superior hemp products.  Our brands are designed to ensure we exceed the individual needs of consumers and improve the quality of their lives.

The Honest Organic Brand!

Founded on the principles of science and grounded in the wonder of mother nature. Greenleaf Farms is all about good health and a fair price.

All Greenleaf Farms’ formulations are made from organically grown whole plant extracts. Our CO2 whole plant CBD extracts contain beneficial compounds, including CBD, CBD-A, CBC, and CBG. The interaction of this group of compounds provide optimal health benefits through what is termed the “entourage effect.” The entourage effect is only available in CBD product produced from the whole plant.

Pets Are People Too!

Around the world we spend over 100 billion dollars a year on our pets. That’s why we have created this all natural line of pet medicinals, from daily health regimens to stronger medicine for pets with severe symptoms.

Pet Medic offers pet parents a natural way to care for the animals they love, with no side effects. Our vet formulated products are 100% organic, safe and effective.

Formulated by Athletes for Athletes!

We have worked with professional athletes and trainers to develop the most scientifically advanced hemp based nutritional and sports recovery supplements and products for elite athletes and weekend warriors alike. Our NeuroSport products enhance athletic performance, strength and vastly speed recovery time. The product line also includes pain, inflammation and neuro protectant products for advanced injury protocols.

Health And Healing As Nature Intended!

MediJane has been developed by a diverse team of medical and cannabinoid specialists to provide medical delivery systems and advanced formulations for cannabinoids.  MediJane products are designed to give doctors the ability to provide patients accurate and effective doses of cannabinoids in the management and treatment of pain, inflammation and other ailments.