Greenleaf Industries Inc is a manufacturer, retailer and wholesaler of CBD infused health, wellness, and sports products for people, pets and athletes.

Greenleaf Industries current CBD products include tinctures ,gel cap pills, Pain gels, ointments, and creams , infused massage oils, medicated pet treats, and professional strength sports products as well as CBD vaping products.

Greenleaf Industries future planned products include dissolvable oral strips, CBD infused edibles and CBD patches, inhalation products, sports medicine formulations as well as healthy skin, lip, hair and salon oriented products.

Greenleaf’s proprietary marketing and news channels offer brand awareness, sales, and useful information for today’s search based consumers from Google, Yahoo, social media outlets, and news sites.

Greenleaf Industries currently has seven unique brands encompassing multiple sectors including over the counter pain relief and daily health, sports medicine pain and recovery, veterinary medicinals, OTC pet products and animal feed

Greenleaf will continue to develop, create and incubate hemp brands, grow its product offering, utilize the Greenleaf distribution and sales network and grow regional and state brands into nationally known and trusted companies.

Greenleaf is planning the future, as we look ahead into the next markets we see plastics, fuel, fiber and food on the horizon and plan on having our hands in all facets of the industrial hemp markets

Greenleaf Industries will keep a presence in Colorado, but will move the majority of its operations to Texas. it is our intent to utilize our relationships in the Colorado hemp community to ensure our continued success and to set up industrial grow operations, a large scale commercial extraction facility and a major retail operations based in Dallas Texas.